The Barramundi …

In Australia, barramundi is an iconic table fish revered across the whole country. It could be said that it is a quintessential Australian fish. Its name is believed to originate   from an Australian Aboriginal name, and comes from the Rockhampton region of Queensland.

It is best pan-fried, seal skin first.

An exciting and popular target for anglers in northern Australia, Barramundi responds well to lures either cast or trolled.  Large minnow pattern lures are popular and productive when fished around snags, mangrove roots rocky outcrops, submerged timber and other heavy cover.  Bright metallic gold or bronze a particularly popular lure colours for these feisty fellows.  Often known for its spectacular leaps from the water during the fight, the Barramundi justifiably commands respect from those who seek it out.

Barramundi are also popular on heavier weight fly gear, and they will take live bait, especially mullet, prawns and freshwater shrimp.  Whilst some excellent specimens have been taken on dead baits, it is not generally a recommended option.

These days many Barramundi sports fishermen practice catch and release.  This practice is encouraged, although there is no reason not to take the occasional fish for the table.


 Don’t worry if you don’t know all that much about Barra fishing.

You’ll catch one here, we’ll make sure of that. They are prolific all across the Northern Territory, but of course, more so in the Daly River region. But maybe we’re biased! Along the Daly River, they’re in the open water, in creeks, estuaries, rivers, billabongs…

If you want some expert guidance you can get that. There are many excellent Barramundi fishing tour guides.

As with all fishing, the secret to a successful Barramundi fishing trip is mostly being in the right place at the right time.

Barramundi fishing is so popular with sport fishers because of the Barramundi’s justified reputation of being a great fighter. High leaps, strong runs, and the ability to shake off the hook, no matter how well hooked you thought they were.

Barramundi aren’t the fussiest of eaters. They will eat just about anything that seems to be alive, and smaller than they are. Live bait like mullet or prawns are the order of the day, but for excitement, lures are the way to go.

Minnow type lures in a variety of colours work well in the shallows. The Golden Bombers are very effective….  but having said that, any colour, so long as it is worked in a manner that presents it as a live bait will lure the Barra.

Surface poppers too are an excellent option. Some say that this is the best, since the fish will do all his work on the surface, and you can see and feel every attack….  and attack they do.